Members of Our Foundation

ur members are enthusiastic amateurs who pursue reenactment as a hobby. They are of all ages (mainly between 16 and 40), and they come from different professional background including high-school and university students, archaeologists, marketing managers, historians, electricians, school teachers, engineers, web designers, jewellers, financial controllers, pharmacists and many more...

We work closely together not only in our daily rehearsals, classes and workshops, but in researching historical background - e.g. rules of behaviour, dance steps or sword fighting techniques - and making our costumes and accessories.



Zsigmond Ádámffy





Péter Bakonyi





Terézia Bakonyi-Léh
Leader of Actors





Mária Bojtor





Laura Csúcs
Leader of Angelwing Dancers





Tamás Deák





Károly Dittera





Andrea Dittera-Balogh





Benedek Farkas





Marcsi F. Kertész





Szabina Fogarasi





Nikolett Gueth





Anna Gulyás






Erika Horváth





Márton Horváth





Ferenc Jánosi





Kornél József




Gyula Kálmándy





István Kertész
Leader of Jugglers





Emese Kissné Horváth





Gábor József Lengyel





Andrea Lőrincz





Kriszta Márta





Borbála Molnár





Bálint Morlin
Leader of Fencers





Eszter Müller-Fekete





Gábor Müller-Fekete





Márton Nagy





Zoltán Nagy





Ádám Németh





Ferenc Páll





Lívia Prosinger





Gergely Sáry B.





Gizella Sári-Győr
Leader of Belly Dancers





Zsolt Schäfer





Viktória Sutus





Nóra Székely





Anikó Tinta





Dóra Wenczel
President since 2010
Leader of Dancers





Orsolya Zay




...and the founder:



Hajnal Bánki
President between 2001-2010






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