reation of authentic clothes and equipment often requires archaeological evidence and other historical sources to reveal what was in use at the time. We use period paintings, drawings and patterns from reconstructions of well-known "schnittbuch" and consult with historians and other experts, such as tailors and smiths.

Most pieces of our clothing, armoury and other equipment are made by our members, employing different methods, techniques and approaches in order to continuously develop and watchfully improve our inventory. We try to attain a high level of authenticity regarding fabrics and tailoring, but allow the use of modern inventions and materials mostly to improve security, or substitute details that can not be acquired otherwise.

Medieval Clothing
(13-15th centuries)

Age of troubadours (1300's)
Late Gothic and Burgundian (1350-1450)

Noble gowns from Italy (1480-90's) that were also worn in the court of King Matthias Corvinus. "Ladies of Raffaello"

Costumes from the second half of 16th century

Costumes from the first half of 17th century


Era of the Hunyadi
(15th century, until cca. 1520)

Ancient traditions and origins of Medieval armour

Periof of plate armour The spread of firearms




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